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A message from

Peter Biondo

You’re not here because of my four decades of professional activity in solar thermal.

You’re here because moving you towards your goals in solar thermal technology is a path I provide so very different from anything seen before or from anyone else you've heard. Whether you're a homeowner choosing the better system, or a professional for ongoing training, I've got you covered.

And because I've served hundreds of customers, trained thousands of contractors, engineers and
other solar professionals, I'm prepared to help you get from where you are right now to where you want to be in solar thermal energy.

About Peter 

With an Associates in Solar Technology in 1982, Peter's work began in California and Colorado. In Santa Fe, NM from 1985-1999, he maintained hundreds of solar hot water and heating systems and began installing radiant floor heating systems. Throughout the 2000's Peter taught a popular course "Solar & Radiant Heating" and in 2006  began working with a European company to scale a North American solar thermal program.
Both were very successful.

Peter produced solar heating courses at Solar Energy International (SEI), North Carolina State University and at national conferences. He has made presentations to hundreds of mechanical engineers and designers at ASHRAE meetings, and has consulted with professional engineers and their teams on their work in solar thermal technology.

All in all Peter has designed, installed or serviced over a thousand solar thermal systems and trained hundreds of professionals just like yourself.

In 2024, Peter is pleased to bring to you iSolar Hot Water Academy!
We are your Educators and Consultants.

Welcome to your future in Solar Energy!

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