What is iSolar Hot Water Academy all about?

It is about YOU!

Watch Rise of the Renewable Energy Professional!

Let me guess.

You're here because you want to be more confident and prepared for the rise of renewable energy and your work in it. 

You're are not alone.


Did you know the majority of professionals in the mechanical building industry are not prepared to design or build solar thermal systems?
And since so very few are experienced, where does that leave you?
In this case, It's what you don't know that will cost you.

Our knowledge is a powerful tool.
It helps us connect with our customers.
It protects our business.
It increases opportunity.

Our knowledge is how we succeed in the world.
We live in a challenging decade as climate change, fuel prices, and demand side growth press utility companies to the brink, passing on higher rates to building owners, their tenants, and your customers. Are you prepared?
If you have little experience in solar, it is completely normal. However, your work in renewable energy is now more important than ever. Be assured those who get started early will have special and unique opportunities.

Join me for a free learning experience and unlock your potential in solar energy.


Is there a Methodology for Learning Solar?

There is!

It's in the...

The iSolar Hot Water Membership Experience

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A message from Course Instructor, Peter Biondo

You’re not simply here because of my extensive four-decade career in solar thermal technology.

You’re here for a new teaching experience different from anything you have seen before or heard from anyone else. Because I've trained hundreds of engineers, design-build contractors and solar entrepreneurs, I'm well equipped to serve you as a guide to help you build your professional skills in solar energy.

Build Your Business with Renewable Energy!

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